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Boy leaves to go to Comic Con; Girl stays to make messes

14 Jul

I got all of my screen printing equipment today and most of my shirts yesterday!

Now it is all over my “dining room”

THINGS JUST GOT REAL! I have a little over a week to get sooo many things done:

1. Make Merchandise (kind of important)

2. phone number

3. business cards

4. website

5. clothing tags

I can’t do any of this until I decide on a name. I actually already registered a domain for one of the two names I was thinking of using but now that I have a logo and some designs I am questioning if this is the right name.

The two names are: “Seams” and “Scarlette” or variation on the second “Scarlette Michelle”

Now would probably be the time to explain what kind of business I plan on having. I want to do a clothing line that starts with screen printed art print shirts featuring mine and hopefully soon, local artists artwork. Eventually (when money allows expansion) I would like to add in dresses, skirts, pants and accessories for home and person that are trendy yet classic enough you can wear them over and over again with a focus on quality materials/ construction.

I’m struggling with the name because “Seams” feels like a small arty brand, not super specific but also clearly clothing/sewing related. I also like the punny tag line “Life isn’t as it seams” while “Scarlette” or “Scarlette Michelle” is more encompassing of other items not specifically sewing/clothing related, its also my name, and I don’t feel like it has a predisposed feeling, I can make the brand feel however I want.


I need to make a decision right now. Like by tomorrow so I can work on all of those things on my list above. This whole questioning started after I made my logo:

Its me…but not because it could be anyone


Then some of my art work:

Vintage Gal

3D Jammer


These are the designs I made specifically for Roller Derby/RollerCon I do have other designs that aren’t done/roller derby related but this is a start. I am hoping these plus the others I am taking to RollerCon do well enough to put more money into this to make more things!! Yay for making stuff!!


*sigh* what to do, what to do. I guess I will dwell on it some more, ask more people and just print stuff in the meantime.



Scarlette Amber


Super excited!!

10 Jul

I just finished working on some art for the first shirts I will make under my own name. Well not my name specifically, (duh) but my company name. This isn’t like me printing some shirts in class, throwing together an etsy and hoping. I have learned so much in the past year or so that I finally feel ready to do this. I’m also in a better place in my life with people that are truly supporting my crazy ideas. This is just going to be a trial run but I can’t wait for RollerCon!!

I turned off my computer since I’ve been staring at practically since 3:30pm but I’m so excited/nervous/antsy I just had to share it.
I’m hoping this is finally going to send me in the direction I wanted to be heading in since moving to California with no idea of what I’m getting myself into.