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Coach Hook’er?

15 Jul

I have been playing roller derby for about 15 months. This is my first full season, I am the captain of my home team, the Psycho Ex-Girlfriends and I play on our travel B team, Pulp Friction. I absolutely love it and have worked really hard to do well in it.

Totally being a bad ass….or something

The league’s freshmeat is having a beta bout today. A beta bout is essentially a glorified scrimmage of freshmeat girls that isn’t for rankings but is open to the public. It helps them get used to skating in front of people and gives them a chance to show off. They are a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the experiences when I was in freshmeat. It really helped when had your first game in home teams/travel teams.  One of the teams needed a last minute coach and I was asked if I would be willing to help out. I’m Terrified.

I am totally afraid of not being able to help them as much as a coach should. I believe your coach needs to know your players and know their skill level. I have some idea but I haven’t seen most of these girls skate in weeks and never as a full team. When you skate roller derby at a freshmeat level you can learn entire new skills in a few weeks. I am also not a very authoritative person if I’m in a position I don’t feel comfortable with. I do not feel comfortable coaching. at all. I get super nervous in front of people especially when I  ‘m not 100% sure I know everything they need to know.

I want these girls to do well and love derby as much as I do. I’m going to try to focus on that and hope that it goes well. Wish me luck!



Scarlette Amber


Boy leaves to go to Comic Con; Girl stays to make messes

14 Jul

I got all of my screen printing equipment today and most of my shirts yesterday!

Now it is all over my “dining room”

THINGS JUST GOT REAL! I have a little over a week to get sooo many things done:

1. Make Merchandise (kind of important)

2. phone number

3. business cards

4. website

5. clothing tags

I can’t do any of this until I decide on a name. I actually already registered a domain for one of the two names I was thinking of using but now that I have a logo and some designs I am questioning if this is the right name.

The two names are: “Seams” and “Scarlette” or variation on the second “Scarlette Michelle”

Now would probably be the time to explain what kind of business I plan on having. I want to do a clothing line that starts with screen printed art print shirts featuring mine and hopefully soon, local artists artwork. Eventually (when money allows expansion) I would like to add in dresses, skirts, pants and accessories for home and person that are trendy yet classic enough you can wear them over and over again with a focus on quality materials/ construction.

I’m struggling with the name because “Seams” feels like a small arty brand, not super specific but also clearly clothing/sewing related. I also like the punny tag line “Life isn’t as it seams” while “Scarlette” or “Scarlette Michelle” is more encompassing of other items not specifically sewing/clothing related, its also my name, and I don’t feel like it has a predisposed feeling, I can make the brand feel however I want.


I need to make a decision right now. Like by tomorrow so I can work on all of those things on my list above. This whole questioning started after I made my logo:

Its me…but not because it could be anyone


Then some of my art work:

Vintage Gal

3D Jammer


These are the designs I made specifically for Roller Derby/RollerCon I do have other designs that aren’t done/roller derby related but this is a start. I am hoping these plus the others I am taking to RollerCon do well enough to put more money into this to make more things!! Yay for making stuff!!


*sigh* what to do, what to do. I guess I will dwell on it some more, ask more people and just print stuff in the meantime.



Scarlette Amber