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Hello world!

22 Jun

I’m Scarlette Amber. I went to fashion design school in LA and now I am trying to put it to good use. While I am doing that I play roller derby, travel, eat, go on adventure and try to figure out life. Recently I left a roller derby apparel company over a disagreement regarding customer service. I think its important to respond as quickly as possible, the owner doesn’t. I wasn’t going to be happy working that way, I hope everything works out for them. However this has left me with out a job and trying to figure out a path.

I wanted a place to voice what I am doing in roller derby, its a huge part of my life, and what I am doing to try to have my own business. Hopefully someone finds reading about my neurosis’s entertaining, if not helpful.

My life is truly awesome, I’m super lucky to have the people around me that are willing to go on these adventures with me. I have a lot of fun and I want everyone around me to have fun too.

Roller Derby Prom.


This is my first “personal” blog that isn’t for a business so we will see how I do with writing about myself, my life, my business and not anyone else’s. I hope it works out!



Scarlette Amber